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How is it now?
New album "Abuzeek" sees Farida's Cafe return to the fundamentals, reduced to their spectral essence, no-nonsense elegance.
The warm-hearted simplicity of "Abuzeek" sees the four-piece asks the question of what Farida's Cafe is, and can be. It dispenses with guest appearances and enlists stripped down production courtesy of Andre. Take the lead single, "low": minimal instrumentation mixed in mono.
"Abuzeek" is also Farida's most personal album to date, with Rei addressing every day concerns closer to home rather than "the bigger picture". This, and uncluttered instrumentation and makes for arguably Farida's most accessible album to date. The production is sparse enough to allow the listener to eavesdrop on the idiosyncrasies of Rei's muse.
"Abuzeek" also sees Farida's step into startling new sonic territory. The blistering instrumental title track sounds like Physical Graffiti-era Led Zeppelin taking on a James Bond theme if John Barry had been raised a Sahara nomad. And with the unashamedly AM pop of album closer "Song and Dance", Farida's just penned the soundtrack to your summer.

David Hickey (Metropolis)

September 4th @ Shimokitazawa Garage.